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Telegraph: Probe Into Brown's M P C Nominations.

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'Probe into Brown's MPC nominations':


The Treasury Select Committee is to launch an inquiry into the way Gordon Brown, the chancellor, selects members of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee.


The announcement of the investigation comes shortly after the appointment of Professor David Blanchflower, a US-based economist, who will join the panel for the first time next week.

Last week Blanchflower told the Treasury Select Committee that his appointment to the MPC was a "shock" and the process had lasted just 10 days. When asked whether the process was rushed, he replied: "Perhaps."

Although four members of the MPC are appointed by the Treasury, the Government also plays a part in the selection of the Bank of England's governor and two deputies. All three of these officials sit on the MPC.

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GB: "Repeat the following words.....Raise"

CANDIDATE: "ummm....."

GB: "Hold"

CANDIDATE: "errr....."

GB: "Lower"


GB: "Great, you've got the job. This time next year we'll be billions-aires"

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The following is from a review of Tom Bower's biography of Brown (on Amazon.co.uk)

"it paints a compelling portrait of a driven but flawed man. Disturbingly, it illustrates his persistent refusal to listen to unwelcome opinions, his obsessiveness with targets as a management tool, and his unwillingness and inability to carry colleagues with him rather than dictating to them.

The book does a good job of showing how fortunate Brown has been in being able to present himself as prudent whilst, at the same time, following an increasingly reckless approach to the public finances against a backdrop of falling underlying revenues - a contrast beautifully finessed by his management of the press in an environment made favourable by the Iraqi "misfortunes" of Blair and others.

Puzzlingly, the book fails to comment much on why it is that Brown has no apparent interest in other Cabinet roles - though his ability to control from the Treasury via budgets may be a factor.

Overall the picture is of a dictatorial control freak who would be a disaster as a Prime Minister. "

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The BOE have let him do it, as I have said before they are the last line of defence against politically motivated economic shenigans.

They have failed.

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