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Todays Times Switch Hitch As The Cheap Fix Disappears

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This should probably be in the news blog.

Global credit tightening having an effect, no matter what the B of E do. Japan to start hiking soon, Europe, US, etc. . . . .Not looking good for items driven by cheap credit:

In July last year, when the base rate was at 4.75 per cent, homeowners could snap up a two-year fix at 4.22 per cent. Now, deals priced at less than 4.8 per cent are few and far between.

The blame for the rising price of fixed-rate loans falls on swap rates, the money markets that determine fixed-rate prices. Swap rates have been spiralling recently, after much talk of an imminent rise in the base rate.


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Was thinking about getting a long term fixed, and riding the crash out... but the long term fixed have all gone up again....

Where's the lurking bull to tell you you missed your chance, you should have bought, better buy quick while rates are still low, etc?


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looks like the BofE and there authoritiative statements of what interest rates ARE is entirely irrelevant. If the base rates don't change, base rate trackers will just be offered adjusted more points above the base rate. When are these guys going to learn that in a global economy their power is entirely illusionary? the best they can do is support the development of strong mixed economic activity - the one thing they don't see to be able to see far enough to do in the glitz lead government.

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