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Automatic Numberplate Recognition

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Some of you lot may find this interesting.

Doc: http://www.acpo.police.uk/asp/policies/Dat...05_12x04x05.doc

It is intended that individual Police Forces will use this strategy as a starting point for developing or updating their own local ANPR strategies. The route map advocated includes further expansion the use of dedicated ANPR Intercept Teams and hypothecated income under Project Laser 3.

Their emphasis...

Continuing to identify and sponsor new legislation to support and exploit ANPR (see appendix 1, para 6)

Working towards the counting of the offences of drink driving and disqualified driving as Offences Brought To Justice, as they are increasingly being detected through ANPR activity (see appendix 1, para 6)

Establishing a national ANPR camera and reader infrastructure utilising police, local authority, Highways Agency, other partner and commercial sector cameras (see appendix 1, para 18)

Establishing the National ANPR Data Centre (NADC) to hold all ANPR hotlists and reads on a national basis, thereby providing the basis of a 24x7 national vehicle movement database (see appendix 1, para 19)

This bit I especially like...!

As such forces should aim from April 2005 to:

Issue at least 310 FPNs per full time equivalent intercept officer per year (the average issued under Laser 2)

Recover at least 50% of the face value of tickets (the average under Project Laser 2 was 42%, with best performers reaching 60% and the worst only 20%).

In setting this relatively low target level for income recovery, it is recognised that ANPR is targeted on the most Prolific Offenders. This group involves those most likely to elect a custodial sentence rather than pay a fine.

The treasury has made it clear that unless income levels are higher under Project Laser 3 than under Project Laser 2, the scheme may be terminated in March 2006. It is crucial the service maximises this source of income now or face losing it. Forces which elect not to engage in hypothecating ANPR income risk endangering the future of this facility for the service as a whole.

The intention is to create a comprehensive ANPR Camera and Reader infrastructure across the country, to stop displacement of crime from area to area and to allow a comprehensive picture of vehicle movements to be captured. There will be 5 key components to the reader infrastructure - all passing reads to the National ANPR Data Centre in due course. These would include:

Local authority ANPR enabled CCTV systems (for most major cities and towns)

Highways Agencies cameras (for major routes)

Police cameras (whether from mobile units, covert units or cameras in other strategic locations not covered by other sources).

Commercial and retail sites (especially garage forecourts).

Other agency cameras (eg DVLA)

Proactive Marketing

A National ANPR Media Strategy, agreed with the Home Office and updated from time to time, is available. Home Office Ministers have launched public versions of the major evaluations of Project Laser undertaken by PA Consulting. ANPR should be regarded as a good news story for the police service and police forces are encouraged to pro-actively market ANPR successes within their local media, without disclosing detail of tactics. Advise on media matters is available form the National ACPO ANPR Co-ordinator.

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This will **** off criminals - they need infrastructure to operate

Only problem they might have is somebody dragging them through the European courts with Human Right legislation which appears to be licence to commit crime ATM IMO

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some welsh criminals have pool cars registered to fields in wales. there is always a way round

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