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Perhaps Not The Crimminal Masterminds We Feared

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(We can joke now cos it never happened)

Boss Man : "Your terror cell has been inactive for too long. The elders are demanding you destroy a seat of power! You will report back in 2 months and tell us what target you have selected"

Foot Soldier : "Of course boss man."

2 months pass as the terror cell trudges around Whitehall from one government dept to another. The day arrives when the the foot soldier must call his boss.

Boss man : "So tell me now. What progress have you made. What target have you selected."

Foot Soldier : "It has been extremely difficult to find a target that is not heavily protected Bossman. They deploy dogs and men with automatic firearms, barbed wire and surveillance cameras. I am beginning to think it is just not possible to get inside any of these places."

Boss Man : "What is this? You dare to defy your boss man and the elders? Are you telling me there is not a single Ministry you can bomb?"

Foot Soldier : "Well there is one ... but it will involve waiting in a queue..."

Boss Man : "Tell me more."

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"...........the scene was littered with shattered boiled sweet dummies and charred cotton gloves. While the search for survivors was hampered by the overwhelming stench of Vics vapour rub....."

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They will get through eventually.

Be it a night club, theatre, school or tube train.

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