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Warwickshire Lad

Please Get Rid Of The Google Ads

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Slowly but surely it seems that the forum is being crowded out by more and more ads.

I've always accepted the banner ad at the top of the forum - and I was just about prepared to accept the banner ad at the top and bottom of each topic.

However - the Google ads at the side now are a step too far.

Colectively they are taking up too much screen real-estate, and yes it hasn't failed to escape me that the housepricecrash.co.uk logo in the top left has shrunk.

I can understand you need to raise revenue etc., however you do it at the risk of pissing off your forum members, and I for one am pissed off right now.

Don't turn this website into a over-commercialised crap-hole.

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I was wondering whether the site admin can get rid of adverts for certain members of the site if you're above a certain post count or something.

Therefore all users of the site would see the ads in the beginning, but more frequent users do not have to put up with them, when they've logged in.

I object to the adverts on the right-hand side especially though, because forum topics no longer expand to fill the width of the browser.

You have two adverts at the top on the right-hand side, then absolutely nothing below where a long topic continues and that is an inefficient waste of space.

I don't want to have to start using a blocker, but I may have to, alternatively I might come to the site less.

HPC admin: please give your loyal visitors a choice in the matter. Thanks.

Edited by Warwickshire Lad

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Hi Warks lad,

I'll reply on behalf of Fubra:

Fubra did originally say when they took over the site that they would be adding some ads. I would have though this would have been done at the outset but they waited a few months before looking into this which has goot be a good point.

The hpc logo was shrunk but there's a reason for this. Some users (not that many) use the 800x600 screen resolution which means that the old logo + a 468x60 banner resulted in horizontal scrolling so we've resized the HPC logo to avoid this. If you resize your scren to 800x600 you'll see what it all fits in OK now.

In terms of advertising, there are a lot of exciting additions and enhacements in the pipeline including some unique tools which will be available to everyone to use. These tools have to be developed and cost money so I think it's foolish of us to think that Fubra would go to all this expense without trying to make the site pay for itself in order to balance out the development cost.

It used to just be my hobby site but things change as we all know but luckily Fubra do listen to feedback and the ad placements will be reviewed from time to time. We are shortly going to start serving proper ads, not Google ads so I think these will look better on the page as the Google ads do look a bit naf.

Lets see how it goes for now. It might seem a bit much over the last few days but that's because we've been trying out a few things so just bare with us for now until this is done then we'll look at reviewing it.

At the end of the day the site is still free and if it can be developed further for the good of the community for the sake of a few ads then this has gotta be a good comprimise and if you really don't want to see the ads then as people have already suggested there are quite a few software options that you can use to get rid of the ads from displaying on your browser.

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I don't know what I'm using but I can't see any ads down the sides either. The boards look the same to me as before but I can see that the logo is smaller and the pages are slow to upload even though I increased my speed yesterday :angry:

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I even use Firefox to block the HousePriceCrash logo so people at work can't see it :D

Brilliant. I never thought of that.

Is there anyway of changing the webpage name, i.e. so it isn't House Price Crash Forum -> Replying...., with Firefox?

I'm not asking for you to change this webmaster - it's just I read it at work and don't want people to see.

I also use minimise to tray too! Wicked!

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Download Mozilla Firefox browser and add the Adblock plugin. I don't see any ads!!!


thanks for that. i am now totally ad free. B)

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OH FFS!!! Why have you changed the Frame for the forum to 80-85% width?

There is an extra frame on the right with an ad in the top right! This is prolly whats causing it too.

After saying you were considering the 800 x 600 guys to lose 15/20% of the screen is a contradiction!

I wish FUBRA would take things 1 step at a time! IMHO its starting to get worse!

I cant believe that they dont have another server to test these things instead of going live straight away and pissing off a lot of the regulars.


Edited by teddyboy

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Firefox + adremover plugin = happy days :)

I remove the title, and all avatars in the same way, as there seems to be no censorship of avatars.

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