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Water Water Everywhere.

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Thames water have not applied for a drought order. This company was never likely too. Much of its water is sold via water meters. Were they ever likely to cut off thier own revenue stream, they have a responsibillity to the shareholders.

Instead they will gamble, water the golf courses etc and hope the hell it rains. If we have a long hot summer and the standpipes come out there is going to be trouble. Social cohesion now hangs on a thread, not like 1976!. Orderly queueing will be the norm but not everywhere. Social responsibillity has also deminished. Who will make sure those that can not help themselves, the old etc get there share. <_<

Intimidation by neighbourhood bullies will also emerge, perhaps they will want a tip to make sure you get home safely with your water, 50p or £1. :angry:

It takes 6 - 8 weeks to get a drought order anyway. What! why so long! Bureaucracy again.

The problem with metering this way is that the profits are related to consumption, water companies encourage consumption. Its like telling an oil company to find ways of reducing consumption. They won't do it. This is why they don't fix leaks, as long as there is water to replace that leaked it will not effect profits.

A better way.

Monitor the water extracted and that delivered to the consumer. Charge the water companies for the water that is missing - then you will see action. And if people die this year through lack of water, bang up the CEO of Thames water for 10 years :o . This will encourage social corporate responsibillity.

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