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I Found The Answer To My Problems

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Another Wheresmyfoxhole mini drama.

Your indulgence please ladies and gentlemen, while I tell you how I solved my housing problem.

I am not far off minimum retiring age and could not resolve my problem of finding a reasonably priced roof over my head for my old age.

I looked into housing associations, and part-purchase schemes, but soon discovered that these were not suitable. Then a friend told me of a website that specialises in Buy with a stranger scheme. I thought seriously about this and decided to visit and register with this site.

I read with envy case histories of how people had met strangers in foreign lands who committed themselves to a life long contract of happiness and affordable home ownership.

Well, being fed up with this country, what with all the lack of decent crime and immigrants keep returning home, the disappearance of chav’s into Universities etc. I thought that’s enough.. I’m off.

Eventually, I found the courage to log in and apply for a stranger to be my home buying partner. My first and only response was from someone who called herself Betty the Yeti, which I first thought was a strange choice of user name. Anyway to cut a long story short, we got in touch, and I was soon packed and heading for the Himalayas to make my new life.

We had no specific meeting place and she told me to camp in the foothills and if I erected an England flag on my tent she would find me. This I did. Later that night the weather worsened and there was a severe snowstorm. I holed up in the warmest part of my tent, and as the flame burnt the last of my oil in my lamp I noticed some movement beneath my tent flap. I saw a lager than human hairy hand grab my one of my tins of Big Soup. Is this her I thought, I asked myself like Laurajon tells us to do?

Is this BigFoot after my Big Soup? Is it Betty the Yeti who I shall, in the near future share an interest only Mortgage.

Thank you for reading, if you wish to read part 2 and how we got on please ask. If not I shall watch Big Brother with my Big foot Partner Betty.

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