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No Credible Government, And No Credible Opposition

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Given that todays Government are exposed as being in complete and utter Chaos (I think that has been the case from day 1, they just hired the right PR Men to divert attention) what are the alternatives.

Like many I feel that there is no opposition, the Conservatives are obviously going to Capitalise on Labours shortfalls, and they are indeed doing a very good job with this regard, in particular by not getting involved in childish mudslinging as seen by previous Conservatives, happy to win a debate in the house, but in reality putting up no credible opposition on key issues.

So for me a new party is the only answer if we are to break the age old Cycle of the most apparent Gentlemans agreement whereby they take it in turn to hold power.

If there were to be a new party, what policies would you all like to see ?.

Here are just a few of mine.

1. Immigration should be strictly on a points system, with English Language, Education, and at least 3 years spent in a position undertaking the skills detailed on the application, and relevent to their degree. Exactly as is successfully carried out in Australia, Application fee should reflect their commitment to the nation so should come in around £15000.

2. Housing. A National Mortgage Trust or Charity setup to benefit both FTB'ers and Pensioners. Setup a national pension fund the is compulsory with employers also bound to make contributions, the fund is then lent out by way of Fixed Rate Mortgages to First Time Buyers at a reasonable rate, say 6% at todays rates. The fund is ring fenced, the Government are never ever allowed to get their mucky fingers on it.

3. Social Security. Upon leaving school a Government contribution of 3k is placed into a social security account. That fund is built upon with contributions from NI, both employer, and employee. The fund can then be drawn upon to cover unemployment, health, and finally upon retirement a top up to the above mentioned pension. An overdraft facilty can be put in place, with a limit, when the limit is up then that is tough luck.

4. Mp's are selected from the community, people who have shown a commitment to the nation, maybe charity work, or a successfull and highly regarded employer, maximum term is 7 years and the public chose the candidates.

5. Any indication that the country is to go into a full out war, is put to the public vote. We have the Technology today to have an entire nation vote in a single evening and the results are instantaneous.

5. We protect our borders, as we know we are a fair and honest nation. Our people deserve protection in return for the hard work they have put into building a fair, free, and honest society.

6. Life sentence means just that, Life in Prison, Murder of the first degree is not tolerated, they should think themselves lucky they are not given the Death Penalty, Prison returns to being a punishment, hard labour, a real deterent, not an education or a well earnt rest as is the case today. Cell, Bed, Potty, nothing else. Out with Colour TV's, Pool Tables, and all the other trimmings to make their stay a comfortable one.

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And just what have any of the parties said they would do for us when it comes to house prices, never mind done ! a big fat nothing and the same goes for jobs and a whole host of other things that are important to the working class. They are just taking more of our money and rights away and unless people want to live in something like a horror movie they had better stop sleep waking into their future.

Government is beyond repair it’s needs removing and for us to start again from scratch where common people without vested interests are put in power and independent controls put in place to make sure the kind of corruption we currently have can never surface again here in the UK.

Gov asks us tons of questions each year with forms and the like they keep sending out and yet we are not allowed to question out masters/servants depending on you point of view.

Tiss time for change, big change I thinks

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Gordon Brown doing well I see from the BBC website:

The UK has posted a surprise budget surplus in April, its biggest for the month in six years.

The April surplus was £1.39bn, compared with £859m a year ago, said the Office for National Statistics. Economists had expected it to be more like £800m.

Revised public sector net borrowing for the fiscal year to March 2006 showed that it had topped Treasury forecasts.

The Treasury, which has been criticised over the level of public borrowing, said it was "meeting our fiscal rules".



Here's looking at you kid... :)

On a serious note no HPC just yet. More economic woe needed first...

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I read the news earlier, however make your mind up whether or not it adds up.

Unemployment UP, Tax reciepts from Income Tax Up, Tax from VAT Up.

Does that tell you something?.

The remaining workers are being shafted from in the form of Tax Increases on a grand scale and forget the line "It can only get better" most right minded people would realise it can only get worse.

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