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Can Tony Blair Get Anything Right?.

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Prime Minister Tony Blair has stepped up pressure on the EU to set a firm date for Turkey's accession to the community, saying it now had an "historic opportunity" to act.

He was speaking as the landmark Copenhagen summit began, with Denmark urging 10 potential new members to accept the EU's terms for entry or risk delaying enlargement for many years.

I think this is a very important and exciting moment for the European Union and for Turkey

Tony Blair

Mr Blair is eager to push ahead, not just with accession for Bulgaria and Romania, which have already achieved basic qualifying reforms, but also with Turkey, which has not.

Head scarf ruling blamed in killing of Turkish judge

Washington Post

ISTANBUL, Turkey - A gunman opened fire on judges in Turkey's highest administrative court Wednesday, killing one and wounding four after reportedly shouting ``We are God's ambassadors!''

Police and witnesses said the suspect, who was arrested, was a lawyer who was incensed over a ruling further restricting Islamic dress in Turkey. The shooting occurred at mid-morning in the heart of Ankara.

Shortly after the ambulances carried away the wounded -- one of whom, Mustafa Yucel Ozbilgin, died at the hospital with a bullet in his brain -- limousines began arriving with visiting dignitaries expressing condolences. One, Turkey's avowedly secular president, Ahmet Necdet Sezer, a former judge, declared, ``This attack is aimed at the unchangeable secular and democratic characters of the republic.''

Court officials snubbed Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a one-time proponent of political Islam who had publicly criticized the high court ruling that officials said incensed the suspect.

The administrative court ruled in February that under Turkish law -- which bars female employees from wearing Islamic head scarves in state workplaces -- a kindergarten teacher could be denied a promotion for covering her head on her way to school, on the grounds she set a bad example for children.

The suspect, identified as Alpaslan Arslan, ``said the attack was punishment for the ruling on the head scarf,'' acting Chief Judge Tansel Colasan told reporters. Before opening fire with a 9mm pistol, Colasan said, the suspect shouted, ``We are God's ambassadors. We are his soldiers.''

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Just about everyone in Europe is against having Turkey join the EU but that does not mean they will not get in, it just means our MP’s want bigger bribes to then go and spend our money on re-educating us so that more people agree to Turkey’s entry and if those that are re-educated only make up 20% of the population then that’s enough to let the MP’s pocket the money and get them in.

Do you like this style of democracy where your MP’s are not independently monitored and most have out side interests and will you continue to sit back and think it will somehow get sorted by itself.

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For me Turkey joining the EU is a complete and utter NO, NO.

Their accession to the EU is based solely on the fact that they allowed Blair to enter Iraq through their borders.

In other words a payoff for a deed that the British Public did not want.

Turkey are living in the Dark Ages, and melting pot of trouble, they need another century at least before they are ready to join.

We ourselves should be pulling out of the EU, we can hardly harp on about free trade in the one breath then subscribe to the biggest trade block community the world has ever seen.

If we are living in a world of Globalisation and paying the price, then why on earth do we continue to remain in the EU, the policy defies logic and is a complete contradiction like everything else that comes out of the Champagne Socialists mouths. On reflection, does anyone in the UK know what the Labour Party stand for today ?.

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