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Expect A Heck Of A Lot Of New Taxation

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Have you been wondering about the sudden focus of NuLabour in recent times on the issue of nuclear energy and the environment? Is it a coincidence that Gordon Brown has become so 'green' recently, even becoming a spokesman just recently for the UK at a global warming conference? We have had a continous barage of warnings in the past year or so about the drought and global warming, the instability of gas and oil supplies, the need to cut emmisions of CO2 caused by convential power.

Gordon Brown is prime minister elect. His Brother, Andrew Brown, is one of the bosses of Europe's largest Nuclear energy supplier, EDF. He is also a media (spin) mogul by profession. His other brother has a professional relationship high up in the BBC.





The privatisation of British Nuclear Group (BNG), announced recently, may be heralded as a by-product of the overhaul of the industry, but anyone seeking evidence from published details of the financial benefits of this restructuring will be disappointed. Nor is there any hard evidence that the cost of cleaning up nuclear stations has become any clearer. Although BNG's value is being touted as £1bn there is little detail to support that number. What the government is proposing to sell with BNG is a business for which there is no financial information in an industry that has been restructured. The restructuring took place on April 1 last year, the day after the accounting year for the component businesses of the old nuclear regime ended. So while accounts for the period from September 29 2004 to March 31 2005 are filed at Companies House for British Nuclear Group, these show the firm did not trade and had assets of £1

Labour's love of public-private partnerships took on a green tint last week when Gordon Brown announced a new scheme to develop more environmentally friendly sources of energy. David King, the government's chief scientist, hailed the new National Institute for Energy Technologies as "the biggest leap forward for energy research in the UK for the last 20 years". The partnership aims to raise £1bn of funds, and energy giants BP, Shell and EDF have already said they will be involved.

Details of the new institute are sketchy. The Treasury said it will tackle specific 10-year goals, but didn't explain what those might be - only that they would be "in relation to energy sources and technologies that reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the security of energy supply". It said public money would be found to match private investment, up to a set limit.

Environmental campaigners are worried that the new arrangement might be a way to leverage more public funds into restarting the UK's nuclear power programme - a government decision on which is expected in the summer. EDF Energy, one of the early backers of the chancellor's new public-private institute, and the company that runs the French atomic power stations, has already said it wants to build up to 10 new nuclear stations in Britain. Sue Ion, director of technology at British Nuclear Fuels is a member of the Energy Research Partnership, but the DTI says it is too early to say what types of energy it will work on.

I guess now that the love affair with property booms has shifted focus, nuclear energy funding within the Brown clan is the next scam to be inflicted upon the Brits. The really sad thing is that the Brits will just bend over and smile through it all. Don't get me wrong, there is a very strong case for nuclear energy but if this doesn't stink of sleaze, I guess nothing does. Still don't believe the property boom was partly a politically engineered phenomena?


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seems a bit suspicious that just before a new nuclear build is on the cards the govt sold westinghouse which along with EDF will be the main bidders for getting the new build contracts. Who wants to guess who will win the contract??

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