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Nick T

Where's All The Talk Of Stock Exchanges Gone?

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FTSE100 looks stable again.

However, compared to a week ago

Wimpy is down 11.6%

Barratt is down 7%

Taylor Woodrow down 9.1%

If Dr Bubb is correct in his views about market sentiment then this is significant

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The other thing I have noticed is that the UK yield curve has become more deeply inverted

Bond Yields

Doesn't this mean that the markets think we are still heading for recession?

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It has shown how nervous people are about the slightest rise in rates, but I recon you'll also see a lot of people viewing this as a "Buying opportunity" and expecting to make some money as the market recovers back to where it was in a week or two.

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I was enjoying it all...

The top secret trading system I use is only good for picking tops and bottoms really(sounds painful, I know), but I'll have a stab at what I think might happen short term.

Going by the current chart patterns, if prices are to continue lower then now could be when it might happen. The June SP500 Future contract put in a daily high so far of 1301.50, and according to my usual rules of chart interpretation, this is the first ideal point of price/time reversal. As always there are no guarantee's, so be careful if you're having a punt.

As a day trade I sold when the price was a 1301.00, was filled at 1300.60, and now have a buy order in at 1300.30, on a stop.

First target 1263.00 ...sometime this week(Friday?), hopefully.

You can follow along here if you wish; http://sites3.barchart.com/pl/vsn/cc.htx .Where it says 'Enter symbol', type SPM6(SP500 june '06 contract), then choose the timeframe from the drop down menu. For the Dow type - DJM6. British Pond - B6M6. US$ - DXM6. Barchart.com quotes are very accurate and are delayed 10 minutes. SP5 trades around the clock.


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Perfect upside down head and shoulders pattern on the 5 minute chart I use(15minuteBarchart), so I closed out the daytrade. Might re-enter if the right shoulder is taken out.

1301.50 is holding for now, but it's on shaky ground. Could go either way.


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Rocket up?

Hardly. RISK was forgotten in all the markets, and people are just beginning to rediscovered the vulnerability to higher inflation and higher interest rates.

Property is a particularly BAD BET now, as the Sheep will learn

..added above, in edit..

MORE: Traders Comments

Ok, maybe not 'rocket' as such, but I think it will keep rising relentlessly as the average investor searches for something not 'exotic' to put their money into.

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