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The Next Property Boom

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Consider this. The system is pushed to the brink and the native consumer population is maxed out on mortgage debt. How to increase corporate profits further by increasing consumer spending further ?

Easy – get more consumers. But Where from ?

Answer - There are millions of new consumers just waiting to join the consumption treadmill in eastern europe. Enable mass immigration and they will come in their millions to live the dream. 4x4;s, plasmas TV’s, playstations – they will be stampeding here.

How many consumers can this island accommodate.? A loaded question. The amount that can be accomdated is based on the amount of rental accommodation available, as the immigrants will not be able to buy property.

But think on - imagine the potential income from letting property to millions of low paid immigrants. This will be the driving force for a massive BTL boom. Cram as many immigrants into your property and you make a mint.

The price of property increases exponentially as demand from BTL explodes, driven by exploitation of eastern European immigrants. A new property boom is created. (Guess what – BTL IS increasing NOW)

And so the amount of equity to MEW increases again. And so the MEW spending increases again. The immigrants are simply exploited to pump up consumer spending of the property owning class.

And the profits of the globalised corporations and their paid politicians increase. They have planned the immigration strategy for this very purpose. I expect soon that once the other european countries suss it out they all might start fighting over the immigrants.

So we may actually be some way of a crash yet. Imagine the near future. Every home has several poles/Romanians living in their sheds / lofts / camping in tents in their gardens etc to bring in income to fuel higher consumption / mortgages which in turn fuels higher property prices. (desperate consumers take desperate measures to avoid bankruptcies / maintain spending )

Is this a future reality or a future nightmare ?

We may be some way from a crash if mass immigration sustains the rental market, as this will drive the whole property market upwards.

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Instead of ranting, why don't you think?

Say you could become a millionaire too out of this,

instead of staying a pauper, sorry a lower middle - class,

would you take the opportunity?

I would and I am going to do my best to take it.

Thanks for the info.



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Guest Baffled_by_it_all

Nice avatar. I'd be in favour of banning you

Although change it to lambs and you could be making a reasonable approximation of your attitude to finance along with the rest of the come-lately BTLs.

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