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The Orange Parade

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Have just marched past my window. All sectarian ****** if you ask me. :angry:

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I'm not sure there's any need for it in this day in age in Scotland.

The worst thing of all is the large following of scum that marches along next to it, usually drunk and urinating/spitting in the street.

I actually remember some catholics telling me that they used to go and watch the march in their town as they liked the music and it was an impressive sight! There probably is something in this as I was caught up in march whilst leaving overtime at work one weekend. I witnessed some tourists enjoying the spectacle (no doubt unaware what it was all about). However, their enjoyment was short lived when they caught sight of some of the knuckle scrapers. They looked extremely confused. :lol:

At the very least the scummy hangers-on should be dissuaded from attending.


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Guest Guy_Montag

A friend of a friend (in this case literally) used to be first flute for an orange band in Glasgow, but never marched with them because he was catholic.

As for the Orange Order, well I ended up at an auction to raise money for muscular dystrophy organised by them.

That's not to say there's not a bunch of "knuckle scraping" :lol::lol: hangers on.

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