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Over the last 3 months asking prices seem to have gone up quite a bit in coventry. The area I'm looking at is an average area and the average asking price for a 3 bed terrace seems to be 125-130k, where before they were under 120k.

Do you think estate agents are trying their luck as its spring?

On another note a btl that I drive past every day for work was unlet for several months and now its for sale. I have spoken to the EA and they said they are re-decorating at the minute as its been on the market for a while.

Opposite there is another unlet property, which has been unlet for several months. Something that baffles me is that despite this another property has newly gone up for let. How can these amateur btl's be so stupid. They cannot even open their eyes to see whats happening in their own street.

Can anyone see how prices wont go down in coventry with all the job losses?

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After talking to an estate agent they said dont dismiss anything as vendors are open to all offers at the minute! not what you would expect.

Maybe this explains the situation you describe:


And longer term this:


These are asking prices BTW

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