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Nuking The Economy

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Taken at face value it is quite a scary read and does appear to reflect what is also happening in the UK.

But where is the answer - isn't protectionism one of the classic precursors to wars?

Unfortunately the west has lost its technological advantage and we are slowly reverting to a world hierarchy reminiscent of the pre industrial revolution world.

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Protectionism probably isn't the answer.

The answer is not to embark on a set of policies - monetary growth as the means to all ends and the blind optimism of hoping everything will be all right when large swathes of industies are canned because those very money creating policies are serving to increase the discrepancies in output costs compared to competitors.

The Chinese must be laughing their socks off (Chinese socks not ones made anywhere else).

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Reminds me of Schumpeter and the gales of creative detruction.

The Daily Reckoning mob and Dr Kurt Richebacher have been banging on about the jobless recovery for some while now.

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