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The Anti-nimby Nimby

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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/05/11/nimby11.xml' rel="external nofollow">
Ruth Kelly's crusade against middle-class "Nimbies" was in disarray last night after it emerged that she had opposed the building of hundreds of homes in her constituency.
The Communities and Local Government Secretary was accused of double standards after pledging this week to "root out" the Not-in-my-backyard - or Nimby - tendency to oppose new housing developments.
Miss Kelly complained that government plans to build thousands of low-cost homes were being frustrated because people were too "protective of their own space".
But her comments were greeted with incredulity in Bolton, where locals revealed that she had become notorious for objecting to new housing developments in her well-heeled constituency of Bolton West.
On one occasion, she even urged local residents to "savour this sweet victory over the developers" after blocking plans for 1,100 new homes in her constituency.
Margaret Rothwell, the chairman of Bolton council's planning committee, confessed that she had been flabbergasted by Miss Kelly's decision to declare war on the Nimbies.
The Liberal Democrat councillor said: "I've spent about six years on the planning committee and in my experience whenever a group of residents in her constituency object to a development in her patch, she always backs them."
Since her election to the Commons in 1997, Miss Kelly - who lives in a four-bedroom detached house that was built on a greenfield site - has routinely opposed developments in her own backyard.
• In March 2005 she supported residents who opposed plans to build a new Islamic College - along with accommodation for 200 boarding students - on a greenfield site in Westhoughton.
• In 2004 she supported residents in a successful campaign to stop 30 one- and two-bedroom flats in the Heaton area of Bolton.
• The year before, she played a leading role in blocking proposals for a five-storey apartment block in the same area.
• In 2002 she fought against plans to build new homes on the site of the Bellhouse Hartwell aerospace plant in Westhoughton.
• Two years earlier she celebrated with residents in the same area after they derailed plans to build 600 new homes.
• In 1999 she played a pivotal role in blocking proposals to build 1,100 new homes in Westhoughton.
John Walsh, who has been a member of Bolton's planning committee for 31 years, said: "I find her hypocrisy breathtaking.


Ideology, vision... what's that? Gotta love NuLabour, Kelly is right up there with Nicholas Ridley.

However, a spokesman for Miss Kelly dismissed the criticism, arguing that it was perfectly reasonable for the minister to criticise Nimbies while objecting to developments in her own constituency.

Not In My Constituency?

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To be honest I'm running out of words to describe Nu-Laborious.

This is going to get really serious, it just did, a bunch of neo-fascists were elected last week on the back of poor housing provision, nothing is changing on this front so as the supply problems are embedded and the mountain of hidden homeless increases this will only get worse. Of course the other bunch of volkish reactionaries take the "monkey no see" attitude, this doesn't affect them so why care? Why pretend to care? Just to give some credence to a farce of a system, but scratch the surface and it's completely implacable.

The UK seems to take great delight in running itself into the ground.

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Lest we forget

Gordon Brown - looking forward to fat pension

John Prescott - mocking conservatives relentlessly about sexual indiscretions.

Ruth Kelly her - an enemy of nimbys

Peter Mandelson - a leading proponent of the anti sleaze campaign

When are people going to wake up to this catalogue of missrule. What does this government have to do to make people say 'stop'

Gordon (Enron) Brown

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Can we stop bashing Ruth?

A former colleague met her and says she was a very nice lady. So nice she smiled out of both her faces.


All this outing of Tony's pals almost gives the impression that these leaks are coming from Gordon's office!


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