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Gold For A Freaked Out Beginner - Where From?

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Hi all

Been doing 'background reading' and the like for months but never got round to doing anything (d'oh). Now the writing looks pretty much on the wall so I want in, fast... but have no experience of anything beyond having a bank account.

At the moment all my savings are in £s in a High St bank account - what's the quickest, easiest and safest way to move some of this into gold/silver? I'd like at least some of it in an allocated physical account (ie not just 'paper gold') - again, any recommendations?

For obvious reasons, I'd be eternally grateful for any advice!


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You can buy Gold bullion coins from Goldline(Baird&co).Just go down to stratford with the cash and buy over the counter.Also ATS Bullion are a decent company to deal with.

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Best thing would be a mixture of Krugerrands from the likes of Biard & Co and a goldmoney account. I’m doing 50-50.

If you purchase small amounts on a weekly or monthly basis, you lessen the chances of losing out in the event of a protracted slump. You may be able to time your purchases as well during the dips by looking at charts on kitco.com for example.

From putting money into an stocks ISA, I have found that the drip feeding approach works quite well, as even if a significant drop occurs, it means you can get out without losing your shirt.

Finally, there’s some good analysis on www.financialsense.com and I’d recommend reading "The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures" by Richard Duncan, as this explains very clearly why the global economy is in the mess that it is now.

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Thanks for the info guys. Just hope I can get to buy some in time!


yes would recommend Baird +co,thoroughly decent company and reasonable prices,you can order over the phone for physical but they won't take switch,cheques are ok....or if you have enough booty(5k+) set up an allocated account.

you are actually quite lucky....the exchange rate is fairly good at the moment and I would expect sterling to drop a bit fairly soon......the rate rises are priced in,so fill yer boots!!!!

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