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Another New Labour Hypocrite Exposed

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Once you've been exposed in the Sun your career in New Labour isn't going to go far .....................

Hypocrite rap for Ruth


Deputy Political Editor

HYPOCRITE minister Ruth Kelly is urging people to stop objecting to new houses being built near their homes — despite blocking building schemes where SHE lives.

She was dubbed ‘Concrete Kelly’ yesterday after declaring war on “Nimbys” in her first speech as Communities Minister in charge of housing.

Urging the building of new homes, she said: “We need . . . to change the social culture in this country where too often people have been protective of their own space and not wanted to see more affordable housing being built.”

She added: “That is something we really need to root out.”

But it has emerged that demoted ex-Education Secretary Ms Kelly is a secret “Nimby” — which stands for Not In My Back Yard.

Ms Kelly has objected to over 1,700 new homes in her Bolton Constituency — where she herself owns a £200,000 four-bed detached home.

Tory planning spokesman Caroline Spelman said: “This is breathtaking hypocrisy from a minister who has repeatedly opposed development in her own constituency — yet is happy to steamroller people’s objections elsewhere.”

Last week Ms Kelly supported a local campaign to block proposals for the building of houses in the Deane area of Bolton.

It is also claimed she backed residents blocking plans for a 600-home estate in 2000, and hailed the decision of a developer to pull out of a 1,100-house estate in 1999 as “a victory for people power”.

And Ms Kelly — who has claimed £72,000 over the past four years in Commons expenses — in 2004 backed opposition to a block of flats in the Heaton area on the grounds it would be an “overdevelopment”.

One Labour MP said last night: “She’s gone from Caring Kelly to Concrete Kelly — just to hang on to a Cabinet job. It stinks.”

Bolton councillor Alan Rushton added: “I think her behaviour is a bit rich.

“She was representing her electorate’s views but she’ll have to change that point of view now.

“I’d like to see her reaction to a similar proposal now.”

Kelly is a nimby

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someone has covered this in a previous post - but the Telgraph Atricle rather than the Sun


Good find though

I wonder if she will have started sobbing yet as she has almost immediately been exposed as imcompetent which was the reason she resigned from education

The press will hound her from dawn to dusk - deservedly so - I heard John Humphreys wipe the floor with her on R4 yesterday morning - she really is a fool - and a cabinet minister


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If anyone is expecting a political solution when it comes to housing might as well just forget it.

In the next few months you will probably see some typical Nu-labor propoganda, like Ruth Kelly handing over some keys to a very white new build shoebox to a young dim witted couple(Prescott was the last one i saw do this).

The fact is a real solution to our housing crisis would invlove upsetting investors and VI's, it would mean releasing more land for building on(and with some calculations i did a while back, only a small proportion would be needed for all of us to live comfortably). None of this is going to be done politically(unless there are riots on the streets), more, or rather adequate numbers of propertys would bring house prices down ion value, which inturn would p**s off far to many Nu-Labor voters. It might be the right thing to do, but it is no help if your drug is power.

The only thing that is going to bring property bubble crashing down is the market, the only thing Ruth has is a sticky plaster and bucket loads of b******t

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