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Are Eas Starting To Talk Prices Down?

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The valuer thinks that it is worth about £15K less than we were hoping for - which might not seem a lot but in our case is somewhere around being 10% down!

and as the kids are about i can't even swear about it!!

Guess it is time to get in another valuer and keep our fingers crossed!!!

I have had 2 so far, but they don't really know much about the estate that I live in. Both quotes are well down on what I expect to get for the house. I'm not being greedy or anything, i'm just being realistic. I've also got a 3rd one coming next week that has quite a bit of experience with houses on this estate, and I hope that he will be closer to what I am hoping for. So far the other 2 plant pots are €60K below what I have in mind


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They seem to be thinking that "high valuation" = "good valuation", and seem to think they know better what the houses would sell for better than the agents do. I suppose there is no guarantee that they're wrong and the EAs are right, but the proof will be in the pudding (or lack thereof).

Billy Shears

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