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Gold On Working Lunch

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Just a few things that were said:

Meteoric rises. Partly explained by dollar decline, but only a small part.

News issued from China this morning that they intend to buy 9 months worth of world supply.

The last top in the eighties would be $2,000 inflation adjusted, so there's lots of room left for the bull to run.

Then in summing up the days shares news: but really today, gold is where the action is.

Not really anything bearish said. Early base of a bubble being formed?

I do worry when the mainstream are reporting on anything I'm holding.

Perhaps I should be optimistic that the cheap gold I have got has a long way to go?

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I've been "too smart" like this lots of times.

Ha - Me too.

Whatever - I may at some point jump on the bandwagon. My current (small) holding is insurance rather than a play to make money. I don't think I'd ever willingly part with the small pile I have now - It's there "in case". If gold goes to 10c a tonne - I'll still be holding. :lol:

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