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Pet Shop Boys..i'm With Stupid..and Bbc Balance

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Pet Shop Boys just been on BBC Breakfast, their original "I'm With Stupid" Top off The Pops visuals had three dancers with Bush Masks and three with Bliar Masks. But the BBC said it had to have political balance, hence they had to destroy the whole point of the song, by adding Cameron, Campbell , Clinton and Putin masked dancers.............. WTF

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Yes this political correctness stuff is stupid but perfect for dividing the people.

Can not call a black board a black board or say that British jobs should be for British workers, even slapping kids is running into trouble with big brother who knows best but what gets my goat is people that hide behind this PC crap and cry “Hittler” when it suites them and then slag PC because they do not agree with something.

Music in the USA is turning towards “Lets impeach Bush” and I agree with this so maybe me and Catch22 have some common ground for once.

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