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Mortgage Lending The Ultimate Pyramid Selling Scheme

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Guest mattsta1964

For those of you wishing you could get a foot on the housing ladder, consider the following......

The collapse of the US dollar is a mathematical certainty. It is not a question of if....but when and how hard the landing will be.

America is $8 trillion in debt and is lending ever more ludicrous sums of money to prop up its own currency. It then compounds this madness by fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

UK debt is now greater than all the other EU countries put together. The average UK household is now approaching £10,000 in debt EXCLUDING mortgages, 47K including mortgages. In the US, this figure is much much worse.

The consequences of a collapsing dollar will have very far reaching and severe implications for the housing market and the rest of the economy here in the UK. It will be catastrophic!

The whole theory of fractional reserve banking and how the global money supply is managed is being seriously questioned. Our global debt based economy is being propped up by unsustainable levels of lending. Global debt is increasing exponentially.

Paradoxically, the success of the Far East and Chinese economies is about the only thing keeping the global economy going because without the economic growth they provide, the US and UK would struggle to service their debts. In order to balance the books, our governments are hitting us with ever more crippling taxes.

The average UK citizen is now paying 50% of their income in taxes, income tax, VAT, council tax, duty on fuel, fags, booze, TV licence, road tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, speed camera fines, women getting fined £75 quid for throwing their cheezy wotsits out of their car windows........God knows how much more they will rob from us in an impossible effort to fund all those civil service pensions!

Contrast this with the Channel Island economies where a much greater percentage of the money supply is controlled by a democratically elected government, NOT by privately owned banks and financial institutions. Money is created debt free by the government, not lent into the economy at interest by banks. The ecomony in Guernsey operates a surplus and interest earned on this surplus is pumped back into the economy. This is all achieved without the rampant inflation that politician here tell us would be the result if we ran our economy in the same, sane mannner. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

Consider this amazing statistic. Only 3% of ALL the money in circulation in the UK economy is debt free money created by the Bank of England under instruction fron the Treasury. 97% of all the money in our economy is debt money which must be paid back + interest to the banks. How democratic is that?

In the Channel Islands, Income tax is a flat 20%. There is no council tax, no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, no speed cameras, no women getting fined £75 for throwing cheezy wotzits out of their car windows, lower taxes on fags and booze and petrol is 55p per litre.

How we are enslaved by the banks!!!!!!! The mind boggles

The US Federal Reserve banking system has completely lost control of the money supply. There is no longer any relation between the vast sums being lent and what is held in actual, REAL reserves of money or commodities. It is a pyramid selling scheme of a magnitude never before witnessed in human history. It is criminal negligence on a massive scale, the biggest fraud EVER! Would you lend money to someone knowing full well your own bank account is empty????

Commodity prices are rising sharply. Gold reached $700oz today, its highest value for 25 years and nobody can have escaped the huge hike in oil prices over the last couple years despite the plentiful supply of oil. Rising commodity prices are a sure sign of uneasiness in the markets, a warning of hard times ahead.

So my advice to anyone who can't get a foot on the housing ladder is...........

Count your blessing cos the s**t is gonna hit the fan big time. All the people who have patted themselves on the back and sipped their chardonnay thinking they have done very well in the last 10-15 years pay heed. Life might get very uncomfortable for you in the next 10 years.

My other advice is, if you're paying into a pension...... stop right away cos it wont be worth doodly in 20 years time.

If you have any savings, protect your investment carefully. Don't invest in the property market.

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