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Southport Prices Rising But No Buyers

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We moved up to Southport from Liverpool 7 years ago. We could not sell our Kensington Terrace so we rented in Ainsdale and rented our Liverpool Terrace to a relative.

In hindsight should have sold Liverpool prop for massive neg equity and bought up here. Sold terrace last summer for just und £90k. Problem is back 5 years ago you could get a 3 bed semi with a garage and garden for £55k in Ainsdale now same houses are going for £180k up £125k. So even with a £50k deposit I will still have a £130k mortgage if I buy now. Surely I cannot be the only person with a relatively young family who wants a home/work/leisure time balance and not a noose of mortgage around my neck? Funny how you are made to feel guilty by EA's at how unrealistic you are, thinking that house prices will inevitably come down. Well they will before I part with my cash, for now I will continue to rent my 3 bed semi for under £350 per month and have nice hols,car, clothes etc without having sleepless nights about interest hikes on my 130k mortgage of £850 per month. I am saving the 500 a month so that when the slump comes I can do the thing up as if the £200k properties I have seen lately are anything to go by they will need £10k to make them liveable. I can have saved that amount in under 2 years. Worst case senario they never crash and i keep saving till retirement and move abroad its a win win if you are not interested in keeping up with the jones, and dont want a stroke, heart attack, ulcer through worry of debt.

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