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For Sale Boards Dissapeared

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today i had to popup at work and when i was driving there i realsed that most of "for sale" & "sstc" boards dissapeared in my area??? any thoughts? :huh:

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I've posted about this somewhere else on this Forum.

I rented a house which had the SOLD board out before one single person had viewed and it remained up for four weeks before I called the landlord for the date to move out.

He knew nothing.

EA changed the board to SALE. Then a few days later to SOLD again. Landlord lived well out of the area by the way.

It went on like that for ages. It was a difficult street to sell with lots of SOLD, other EAs For Sale up - sometimes I think they just play games and had an agreement with each other to get difficult properties sold - your turn this month, mine next month.

Moved to a different posher area, but around here I notice SOLD going up and FOR SALE back on same properties within weeks. Monitoring it now - as many remain unsold still since Jan - although again, the occasional SOLD stc goes up periodically.

Perhaps they are just keeping the office junior employed? Or maybe the director has nothing better to do?

I've even stopped believing the Ads in the papers - have been offered lower asking prices for "quick sale" on flats advertised at full price in the paper. When I did a round of the EAs, got property details, expressed an interest in moving quickly - discovered loads were "no chain" and open to offers. They are still in the papers (but don't specify "no chain" anymore as there are so many, I suspect).

Things are not as advertised - don't believe the hype!

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Where EAs aren t playing games I think the number of for sale boards and the ratio of sold to for sale is a good indicator of the state of the market. I walk on the Doncaster Greenway through a suburb called Bessacarr most days.This is a good area of second and third rung properties rangeing from 150k-300k. To amuse myself on my jaunts through Bessacarr from the Bawtry road to Lakeside I keep a talley of the boards. The present talley is a mere 3 sold out of 30.I have noticed,to concurr with the starter of this thread, that nothing new has come onto the market lately and some unsold properties simply gets withdrawn.In the last three months only one property has seen a sold through to completion and the board removed. Through reading the signs as it were I conclude the market in South Yorkshire is pretty dire with few sales being achieved.There appears to be a complete stand off with buyers not buying and sellers not reducing.To all EAs reading this thread the route I walk is the White Path so I expect a blitzkrieg of Sold Signs by tomorrow morning.Please note that the Crashmonitor is only staying temporarily in Doncaster if any one queries why I normally comment on the Peak District market.

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If the properties are still for sale (e.g. in the local paper or on Rightmove), it will most likely be because the vendors are embarrassed and have taken the sign down themselves. There are a few like that round here.

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