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Cardiff House Prices

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I did some research with a land registry company that shows the actual selling price of properties...I dont want to mention who they are.

I looked at 6 large streets (there are at least 100 houses on each street), in the popular area of Roath.. this area is VERY popular with students (rental) and is good for families (local schools) and huge park nearby, there is a fantastic shopping high street nearby, it is close to the city centre (professionals). There is a mix of houses on each street from 2 beds to 5 beds.

I have discounted flats and houses sold for renovation or auctioned, just normal sales included. The percentage change is based on 2004 to 2005, 2003 is there for comparison only.

Angus Street

2005 Total sales: 4 :Average Price: £162250

2004 Total sales: 3 :Average Price: £175983

2003 Total sales: 7 :Average Price: £142064

Down 7.8%

Arabella Street

2005 Total sales: 10 :Average Price:£154400

2004 Total sales: 19 :Average Price:£163778

2003 Total sales: 16 :Average Price:£127955

Down 5.7%

Inverness Place

2005 Total sales: 12 :Average Price:£150162

2004 Total sales: 15 :Average Price:£155850

2003 Total sales: 13 :Average Price:£148184

Down 3.6%

Alfred Street

2005 Total sales: 10 :Average Price:£164428

2004 Total sales: 19 :Average Price:£168750

2003 Total sales: 16 :Average Price:£147494

Down 2.6%

Diana Street

2005 Total sales: 6 :Average Price:£143616

2004 Total sales: 9 :Average Price:£145111

2003 Total sales: 9 :Average Price:£139889

Down 1.0%

If you take the average movement then, there has been a shift down in house prices from 2004 to 2005 of about 4%.

There were only 4 sales for all five streets by the end of February 2006. There seems to be a feeling here that if prices were to come down to around the 2003 prices then properties would get snapped up, so thats too much of a drop, maybe the bottom is close to being touched in Cardiff. Do I see a crash here, absolutely not, are houses good value definately not, so why do I think no crash...one word...DEMAND, because below a certain price there are lots of buyers waiting in the wings, and that price is about only 5-10% below todays prices, so I think a drop but not a crash.

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