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Iran Freedom Support Act To Pass Us Senate

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Iran Freedom Act

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I think Green Party senate candidate Rae Vogeler(WI) says it well...

"If the history of the Iraq conflict tells us anything, it is that the results of regime change in Iran will be disastrous," Vogeler said. "The U.S. economy will slide deeper into debt and possibly recession. The Middle East will slide further into chaos. The U.S. will be further isolated internationally. There will be greater anger among 1.2 billion Muslims from the Middle East to the South Pacific. Oil prices will continue to skyrocket. There will be more pointless death and destruction."

"I am very concerned, perhaps more than our current administration and Senator Kohl, about the dangers of nuclear proliferation," added Vogeler. "The U.S has more nuclear weaponry than any other nation. We have ten thousand nuclear war heads and Iran has none. Let’s stop nuclear proliferation by beginning to disarm here at home."

"Sanctions on Iraq destroyed millions of Iraqi lives," added Vogeler. "Economic sanctions are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction and the first strike in almost any war."

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