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Stephen Colbert Goes Wild At White House Correspondents Association Annual Dinner

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Am just watching this now with my jaw on the floor - it's like - is he really saying it, is he really saying it? They invited THE WRONG COMEDIAN to the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner. He's on the same podium as Dubya and just rips the piss out of him - and it goes on, and on, and on - I keep expecting someone to shoot him!!! They say it's been around on the net this week but if there's anyone else out there who missed it, here it is. :)

a thing of beauty

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Thanks for that. I'm emailing the link to friends.

What a performance-right in the Lion's Den.

He may be a performer and a comedian, and ultimately, promoting himself (if you want to be cynical) and ultimately public performances may come easy to him...

But, what courage!

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Sounds like you're referring to the G-Dubya look-a-like which was all very tame, the Stephen Colbert speach is 20 minutes long and a completely different kettle of fish. Check out the link.

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