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music man

Where Have All The Bulls Gone?

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'We can see ya sneeking out'

There have been times when they (the bulls) indulge on this site and with the yearly cycle of news perversion and statistical gimmicks at hand they sprout 'things are generally on the way up' to which we find some data to disprove.

And so this has been happening for as long as I've been a site member, and I'm sure that it will in some form continue but for how long now.

Who in their right mind would think that house prices will go up.

Their recent barage has been IMO the sites spring bounce of bullishness and it wasn't very impressive.

There have been times when I have been impatient with the unfolding of events but as every day passes I become more optimistic to the cause.

Norfolk has led some of the way with drastic falls in certain areas and when I look on the site I see many counties showing negatives now and people shouting the figures. Also some anecdotal evidence of finances and peoples psychologies have amused me.

So all in all, it's been a great start to the year (no bounce to speak of outside the media) and as an oil trigger man $75 a barrel 'aint bad.

When I first signed to the forum one guy asked what would you like? $80 a barrel and the most almighty crash or $60 and a levelling of prices - well we may find out.

And yes even for all the economists in the world 7 out of 8 recessions caused by the black stuff is my simple guide to HPC heaven.

And my message to you today is enjoy the summer all,

I think it could be interesting with Oil at this price. This price performs the credit crunch that IR's do except the govt. don't take the blame. And it'll take time to kick in i.e. it'll get worse as if we didn't know,

Oh and IR's are going to go up, up and away - ouch.

EA armageddon is on the way for rising house prices and a sales driven market thus affordable housing.

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I will wash the dishes while you go have a beer

Where is my john wayne

Where is my prairie son

Where is my happy ending

Where have all the cowboys gone

Where is my marlboro man

Where is his shiny gun

Where is my lonely ranger

Where have all the landlords gone

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What I find is when ever there is some bullish news the bulls come on here and try to exploit the weakness of the lurkers and newbies. People always doubt themseleves, especially when it's such a long drawn out process... But to date, no bulls have convinced me to turn!


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Didn't you read the news that the ban on British beef has been lifted finally?

Ps.: I dont' think we actually have bulls, just some dudes posing as manure specialists.

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i KNOW..

Last time I had a discussion with TTRTR's he refused to believe that Mervin King had ever promissed that there would be no wage push inflation to pay of these huge debt's..

Perhap he has been busy, I havent seen him since..

Perhaps he has finally understood that this debt is not going to be inflated away..

That as much as people put it of they will have to pay it back..

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