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What Would You Do With Your Stocks And Shares Isas?

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With the possibility of stocks and shares taking a beating in the near future what are people doing with things like tracker ISAs.

I've got a couple of ISA's in various funds, mostly Asia. Firstly are these going to be hit by the current round of global IR rises? My view is they will to some extent in the short term. Are there any markets that won't be affected?

So, i'm looking at dumping all my market based ISAs in the near future, but where to put the money? I don't really want to just put it in the bank and I don't want to have to fork out another 5% to move to another fund

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You can sell the funds and keep cash in the ISA for a limited amount of time. I'm not sure how long you can get away with this but it cetainly works in the short term.

Otherwise you could look at moving into safer areas like gilts, bonds, etc, many of which will be discounted. I have yet to look into how they all work as I think equities still have legs in them yet, but that's the direction I'm assuming would make sense.

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Thanks for the advice.

I'm currently assuming that IR hikes will slow things down and may have a negative effect on markets. However, I think this will be temporary, particularly for the stronger markets in Asia.

So, hopefully I can do as Nijo has suggested and move the funds to cash and sit it out for a while in a few months (if necessary)

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