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Why Don't We Start A Gold-backed Global Digital Currency?

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What do you reckon?

Goldmoney has 106 million in stock, which I make at around 430 goods delivery bars or a little over 5 metric tons...

If we got Cgnao on side, we'd probably be half way there...

Seriously though, I reckon we could pool a mil between us couldn't we ? We just need an SSL buy/sell web site and a shed with a VERY big padlock.

Any takers ?


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I expect, sometime in the next 50 years or so, that "real money" will win. I don't know about the digital part of your preposition though.

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I've never really understood why a big online retailer (eg ebay) did not start their own online currency, backed by dollars or gold or whatever.

They could then be the base currency for the internet, and goods could be bought or sold in the currency, with tokens always convertible to dollars/gold.

Once they built up enough confidence they could then become a de facto international bank.

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I'm sure this has been posted before but here's some links:


Not an endorsement but here's a firm which, I guess, is much like goldmoney, etc.


As an aside, I find the virtual money/economies that exist in internet gaming worlds a real phenomena.


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