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Property Fallen 36% Since July 04 Peak

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by Ceri Shepherd


April 27, 2006


Hard to get past the first couple of sentences.

"When countries were back on the Gold standard it simply meant that money could not be printed at will by bankers or politicians, if the Gold to back this printing did not exist. The principle role of Gold was discipline."

The sentence in bold is in bold on that web site. The red used to highlight 'principle' is mine.

If a web site spouting forth on financial matters does not know where to use principal and principle, I can't be bothered to read further.

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I would also add that the author lives in "Cliftom". (For those that don't know, Clifton is quite a nice area of Bristol).

There are two things that could account for the error - the author was merely thinking of falling off a cliff or speaks with a "listhp" (a' la Krusty's side-kick).

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how bizarre, she 'lives' about 20m away from me. I think I will pop by later and check out if there actually is anyone at that address.

Financial sense is one of those websites that has a myriad of contributors, thus you need to have a heavy pair of sh!t filters on when reading, although it does have some incredibly insightful articles too. The point is fair enough though, real inflation is rampant and most assets are failing to keep track.

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"Helicopter Ben Bernanke the “inflation fighter” starts his tenure as Federal Reserve Bank Chairman by halting production of the M3 money supply figures. "

If there was a guy called "Helicopter" at my school, his life would have been made a misery.

Great article for everyone out there planning on buying a house with their gold bullion reserves. Not so good for those looking to use cash.

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