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Anne Maurice - Another Friend Of Hpc

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I'm afraid I had to turn over this evening from Kirsty and Phil - it was just getting too horrific for words, and I discovered a pleasant surprise, namely a rather bearish House Doctor.

Firstly we had an idiot couple who ignored her advice and put back all the tat back into their house after she left. Much to my delight, we're then told that the market had collapsed in their area :lol: (cue estate agent saying it's a buyers market), making their decorative plate/magnolia combo impossible to shift. They reject a lower offer (cue estate agent saying this is a big mistake).

The icing on the cake though was a priceless (but sadly unsuprising) insight into the minds of some of the sellers out there. Hold on tight, we're about to enter the twilight zone... :ph34r:

Since they received a lower offer, they increased the asking price "to attract richer buyers" :blink: , and of course to make up for these pesky low offers.

Believe it or not, some muppet then makes them an offer at full asking price :huh::blink:

To there you have it, a microcosm of the UK housing market...stupid seller, nervous EAs, and an even greater fool eventually coming along and putting the money down.

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Your negativity will get you nowhere, Yandros. These buyers are sustaining JOBS for people in this country.

For a short while, anyway.


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