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Where To Invest?....

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Hopefully by next month I should have 250K liquid cash in my savings account. I have 150k liquid just now and with my house sale going through over next 6 weeks an extra 100K wil be heading my way.

I'm a bit of a doom merchant and having spent almost all day reading posts on Gold/Silver etc., can someone give me some idea of where to invest it?

Lots of people have been saying to put 10% of their assets into Gold/Silver etc., I just don't know where to start.

Help! :unsure:

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I went for an actively managed portfolio with Ruffer - they do all the work and charge a reasonable fee. Gains have been great so far, well ahead of housing, and they are continually recycling wealth into what they consider "safe" assets. Track record over 10 years is strong - shook off the stock crash like it wasn't there. They have recently been piling into Tawain, a fairly contrarian play, but they consider this "safe" because the earnings/yield numbers stack up based on their research. cheers

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thanks - what sort of % of my liquid assets do you suggest I invest in such a fund? ...and what about Gold/Silver/other precious metals?

That's kind of why I went for an actively managed portfolio, these are the sorts of decisions I did not feel qualified to make or have time to do the necessary research. Ruffer invest in precious metals / gold stocks for you in a proportion they see fit (I think my portfolio is 12% PM right now). Money management i.e. placing the right amount on each bet considering the risks, is an important part of the service. They also view currencies as asset classes in their own right and will move into them when appropriate.

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