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Alexa Ratings

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This is really for my own records - but nice to see how many people frequent this site


Date 23/4/06

www.news.bbc.co.uk 20 (up 2)

www.ikea.com 305 (up 42)

www.rightmove.co.uk 595 (up 442)

www.betfair.com 1,057 (up 225)

www.argos.co.uk 1,073 (down 402)

www.tesco.com 1,200 (down 159)

www.findaproperty.com 1,500 (up 420)

www.moneysavingexpert.com 2,233 (up 639)

www.marksandspencer.com 2,757 (down 629)

www.egg.com 3,046 (up 453)

www.asos.com 3,149 (up 23,038)

www.diy.com 4,303 (up 14) Website for B&Q

www.hmv.co.uk 4,433 (down 1200)

www.dell.co.uk 4,909 (up 772)

www.debenhams.com 5,652 (down 1,365)

www.housepricecrash.co.uk 11,191 (up 10K)

www.ing.com 18,184 (up 1,671)

www.singingpig.co.uk 19,252 (up 10,241)

www.capitalone.co.uk 19,539 (down 3,085)

www.mfi.co.uk 21,501 (down 513)

www.oceanfinance.co.uk 58,327 (up 42K)

www.landlordzone.co.uk 82,510 (down 1,000K)

www.paradorproperties.com 168,234 (up 186K, still interest in buying abroad)

www.insidetrack.co.uk 177,367 (down 10K)

www.nationaldebtline.co.uk 188,568 (up 80,158)

www.nsandi.co.uk 255,385 (up 135K, interesting, so we're becoming a nation of savers!!!!)

www.berkeleyhomes.co.uk 305,758 (up 67K)

www.pictureit.co.uk 309,939 (down 63K)

any others that you can think of - please say

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Singingpigs up the same amount as us.

Nationaldebtline is up 80K! :o:blink:

Traffic Rank for housepricecrash.co.uk: 11,191 (8,017)

Speed: Slow (79% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 3.8 Seconds (what's this?)

Other sites that link to this site: 1

Online Since: 26-Oct-2003

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Guest Winners and Losers

This is great, would like to have an update from time to time, so we can watch Singing Pig go down the pan if nothing else. Thanks notanewmember.

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June Update.

The ones to keep an eye on

www.moneysavingexpert.com: 2,506 ( down 134) down a bit

www.diy.com: 4,396 (down 45) still holding strong

www.housepricecrash.co.uk: 11,074 (Up a bit 2,798)

www.ing.com: 23,405 ( down 4,450) Well down - looks like we are moving our savings out

www.singingpig.co.uk: 28,792 ( down 6,897) Droping

www.oceanfinance.co.uk: 66,493 (up 3,010) But down from my last posting in April

www.landlordzone.co.uk: 85,684 (down 5,598) Down a bit

www.paradorproperties.com: 166,053 (up 35,273) Still interest in properties abroad

www.pictureit.co.uk: 189,817 (up 120,018) Biggest mover from circa rank 300,000. So thats why all the nationaldebtline (below) is out of the lime light. Thank gawd for picture it!

www.insidetrack.co.uk: 203,771 (down 48,940) Crashing! UK property dream is dying!

www.nationaldebtline.co.uk: 293,517 (down 92,166) This one is crashing too! How odd, have people suddenly found money from nowhere?????

www.nsandi.co.uk: 273,912 (up 35,991) But overall still a fall from April. I knew we werent becoming a nation of savers afterall ;)

www.berkeleyhomes.co.uk: 330,414 (up ,760) But down overall.

Edited by notanewmember

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Thanks for that. Some interesting figures there. Especially the debt line one and picture loans.

Firstrung up 97K over 3 months at 104K, we peak at approx. 6K unique visitors daily, the ranking occasionally spikes at 30-40K. Not bad since the 8 month ago re-launch and very little ad spend.

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