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Ft Financial Advice For Mr And Mrs Idiot

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There was a couple in the FT and I haven't managed to get them out of my head.

So this post is a kind of therapy I suppose ;)

Anyway, being the FT, the usual kind of couple featured in this section earn a few hundred thou.

This week there was Mr and Mrs average - she was a self-emplyed book-keeper on 25k - he was a trainee production manager on 17.5k. Lived in Worcester - 40k in debt, no savings, but wanting to get into the property game ASAP and make money buying old wrecks, doing them up and selling them on. Recall some comment like 'with all this property hype we're determined to get in on the game ASAP' or something similar.

Shows you how far the brainwashing has gone.

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