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Three points.

One independent.

He agreas with us

but do not worry, an estate agent and a mortgage lender are here to tell you otherwise

At work I get told by intelligent people that people who want to lend then a great deal of money say thats its a great idea that they do so.

They seem surprised when I point this out.

and now the nationwide, mortgage lenders, are saying its a bad idea..

But they close their ears to this

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He [James Ferguson] says obvious warning signs at present include a big contraction in overall lending - "sure enough, total loans, mortgages and credit on plastic from banks have dropped sharply" - rising unemployment and a drop in the rate of mortgage equity withdrawal.

That's simply not true, one only has to look at the growth of broad money supply to despute that, credit card lending is down but MEW is growing as a proportion of post tax income.

Be careful of MoneyWeek simply telling you what you want to hear, I've become very skeptical of Fleet Street Publications and Lord William Rees-Mogg in general, they have a tendancy to promote cheap unseemly bucket shops, and other unsavory crap.

I have a real problem with this stuff, it really dents their credibility.

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