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Nu-labour Incompetence

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Pay for nurses and surgeons doubles NHS overspend
By Beezy Marsh, Patrick Hennessy and Nina Goswami
(Filed: 23/04/2006)
Overspending on NHS salaries is £610million - at least double the amount previously admitted to by ministers, The Sunday Telegraph reveals today.
The Department of Health has admitted that it miscalculated the cost of new contracts for nurses by £220 million and for consultants by £90 million, in addition to the £300 million overpayment on salaries for GPs.
Andrew Lansley: 'The Government has lost control of NHS finances'
Amid the spiralling NHS contracts crisis, it can also be revealed how £25 million of taxpayers' money is being spent by hospitals on taxis to ferry patients around - a figure that has trebled over the last five years. In some areas, cabs are used for round-trips of more than 100 miles, costing trusts hundreds of pounds a time.


Nurse cuts 'hit 50% of hospitals'

Many staff fear for their jobs
Nearly half of senior nurses have seen cuts in nursing posts in hospitals in the past year, a survey claims.
The Royal College of Nursing polled 660 nurses before their conference. They also said 13,000 NHS job losses have been announced in the last six months.

Gordon must have them all hypnotized that his Miracle Economy is working! Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the miracle is working.... :lol:

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What identifies this Government , and especially the two major protagonists- Blair and Brown,

from all that have gone before them- is their complete and total unwillingness to accept

criticism of any kind and either deal with it or accept it for what it is. They perceive that by

doing so, their project - i.e. Nu Labour is faulty, or in mine and many others oppinion, hugely flawed and jinxed.

Blair will urge others and the media to ''move on'' when the going gets tough, or use the media

to throw everyone off the scent when he thinks that a problem is becoming too dangerous.

Brown still continues to make out that the economy is still robust, although of late even he has

had to adopt smokescreen tactics such as talking about Africa and the environment to hide

the problems with the economy under the carpet.

In turn , Cabinet Ministers- (most of whom are easily out of their depth and can only resort to

'talking a good job'), having seen and experienced this type of 'leadership, and seeing them

get away with it for so long, have adopted the same tactics- However even with a weak opposition.

the writing is now apearing n the wall.

The next few months are going to be very interesting as the economy and all that goes with it


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I would genuinly like someone to give me a list of what good has come from this Labour government as I'm finding it difficult to see any.

Anecdotal but my first son was born 7th May the week Nu Lab came to power. I spent 3 weeks in a clean hospital with alot of help from the many midwives there. Since then I have had 2 more sons in the same hospital and have had first hand experience of how things deteriorated . It was absolutely filthy and run with a skeleton of staff .

Mr G recently had a shoulder shift op through Bupa as we had insurance. His insurance has now expired and he's been passed to the NHS. You can't make an appointment for physio anymore because so many people stopped keeping appointments they want you to call in first thing in the morning to see if you can get in that day, otherwise tough titties, you don't get any physio.

It's a bloody disgrace!

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