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Letter In Swindon Evening Advertiser

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To put this into context, Swindon council has decided that it will only issue a single parking permit to houses and flats located in some residents only parking areas (ie. those close to council car parks, where people could otherwise park for free were it not for residents parking). The majority of these houses have been converted into flats or bedsits, or are flats for professional couples at lot of whom commute out of the town (there aint much work in the town centre).

WE all know that houses prices are forever rising.

I really must congratulate Swindon Council for their excellent management of the first time buyer's predicament.

To bring down the prices of town centre and Old Town houses at a stroke was masterful.

I really didn't think that the councillor responsible would fly in the face of voters and tell them that in a few years time they are only allowed one car for each house.

This will cause the prices of non garaged houses to plummet and ensure that no families with teenage children will move into the area.

The only drawback for the council will be the reduced council tax for these properties, as surely they will not reach present band levels.


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My sympathy is very limited. You're never far from a bus stop in Swindon. Frankly, I wish they'd ban powered transport from Swindon altogether so people had to walk - then maybe I'd have to look at less thunderthighs, "muffin cut" waists and pasty-faced pampered brats who look like they've never stepped outdoors in their lives.

But then the poor dears would have to drag themselves from the sofa before Strictly Dance Fever ended in order to reach their destination on time. They might get wet, or catch nits off someone from a council house.

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