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Freedom Of Speach

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Chinese president Hu visits the white house and a Chinese woman exercises here freedom of speech which she could not do back in her own country and is immediately arrested under a twisted version of the American law where we can say what we want as long as the government agrees.

Chinese TV did not report the incident or the fact that other protestors had congregated outside the white house to protest and took an extra step of blocking any transmissions coming from the west.

Strange thing is that as far as I’m aware the media didn’t even let Americans hear what she had to say and apparently we have an open press.

Do you really think we have a democracy much better then china when we see this and GW-Bush is able to blocks any real investigation into the events of 9-11

China has 30m political prisoners so is it any wonder they can produce cheap products that America re-badges and sells to us, America is starting to play the same game with it’s own prisoners

People need to fight to keep the few freedoms we have left else quite simply the control freaks will remove them and freedom os speach is a human right we all need at some time or other.

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