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American Estate Agents More Honest The Uk?

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) - If the secret worries of real estate professionals are any indication, home prices could be heading for a swoon

The EAs I knew when I lived in the US were all realists and told buyers and sellers like it is. The view the old timers take is bring the crash on and get it over with as there is money to be made when there is activity. A stagnant market is a killer for commmissions.

I agree with the "swoon" theory because markets behave irrationally and talk of bubbles is getting to them. I think this is why Buffet says never follow the crowd because by the time you do its too late to make any money. That says one thing to me now: get out while you can and before the herd starts to stampede.

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I wonder if its because its such a litigious country.

They know they would be buttf@cked from here to eternity if they lied to ramp the market.

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