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Use Flash More To Emphasise Our Point

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We should have some sort of interactive flash program which shows you how much of your house you own and how much the bank owns.

We probably need to keep this simple and stick to a repayment mortgage and only allow the users to change the interest rate but then we could make the part of the house that the buyers owns red and the part the bank owns blue for example and the propertion of the two colours would change depending on the interest rate and term of the mortgage.

Maybe have a sliding scale which the users could change to represent the number of years into the mortgage.

Any comments?

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Think it's a brilliant idea. For full effect, it would be good to also have an interest only model to illustrate that one is simply renting from the bank and does not even own a brick.

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ld love to see thematic mapping of the UK on the front page showing data from LR or ODPM

Somebody please do a bit of flash to do this, timeline slider and zoom

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