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Next Investment...?

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Hi folks,

Currently I've got about £4500 sitting in a range of Legal & General trackers (UK 50%, Japan 22%, Europe 13%, Pacific 12%, US 3%), wrapped up inside an ISA. I've got a pot of emergency cash as well (part of which forms my FTB fund).

I'm investigating what to invest in next. I'm investing for the long term (>10years) for capital gain with money I can afford to lose. I've considered the following ETFs via a self-select ISA with Squaregain

Ishare Emerging Markets

Ishare Korea

and maybe Ishare China/Xinhua

Possibly about £500 in each, financed over the next year with money saved at the end of each month from my job.

What do you think of this plan? Should I be considering a managed fund instead (any suggestions?) A property fund (L&G have just launched one)? Or a commodities fund (any suggestions? JPM Natural Resources perhaps)?.

Any and all comments/advice/suggestions welcome. Thank you!


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I have a roughly similar stratergy. I remain coutious on property and natural resources. but I have some natural resources. Ishares are decent considering the fees are so much lower than the managed funds. I looked at the managed funds but ETF's seem so much more flexible. e.g I want 10% in fixed income etc etc.

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I like Ishares, not sure the China one is great though, I think it invests in the top 25 red chips (top 25 chinese companies) whose corporate governance and stock exchange and transparency leaves something to be desired. Defo a good idea to see if you can find this thought pinched from somewhere else on the net, as Im pretty sure I didnt make it up, kinda makes sense though, foriegn ownership in Chinese stocks is still closely protected I think throw in corrupt chinese officials planted as management its not all going to be a bed of roses so not sure if this is real exposure to chinas growth, but maybe there isnt many real opportunities outside the commy party and select Investment banks

Theres an Ishares Brazil might be worth a look at as your going for the exotics

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