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1 Year From Now

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It is quite a short timespan to make predictions, but its far better than arguing the toss aqbout 3 times each month as the various upo or down figures are released ect.

So where do you think were going to be in a year's time?

i think

unemployment will rise for every one of the next 12 months

bankrupcies will rise for everyone of the next 4 quarters

repossesions will rise

tony blair will be ousted out of power by his own party trying to save there necks in the midst of the peers for cash situation, with brown taking charge.

The housing problem in the uk will become much more on the political agenda

there will be a immigration backlash that no party will be able to avoid

krusty will be exposed for taking handouts from foxtons

chelsea will win the epl once again

celtic will win the spl again

iran will be showing off its nuke bombs to the world

the usa will be in financial crisis due to trade deficits

japan will be booming

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Mostly all right!


Tony will still be in power but Gordo the miracle man will be gone.

Iran will be glowing in the dark.

The world will still be ignoring the deficits because the reality is that the US controls most of the companies to whom the deficits are owwed.

Immigration will be a non-issue because there will be no jobs to come here for.

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BNP will continue its march forward in the polls (well here's hoping !)

House prices will have gone up a bit.

IRs will be still at 4.5%

Unemployment will have gone up, but so will employment too - so no real net change.

The Iran issue will have gone quiet

Oil price will have come down (its only the Iran issue keeping it high)

Japanese IRs will be 0.5%

Euro IRs will be same as now,

US interests will have been cut or have maxed out at 5.0%

Everything will be much as it is now ....... TTRTR will be still winding you lot up whilst making lots of lovely lolly, Dr Bubb, will be still saying its about to crash and have more graphs than ever trying to prove this point. RealistBear will have exploded under the pressure.

Compare things to 12 months ago ..... nothing much changed in last twelve months .... expect all 'sensible' bears have put the crash of to 2007/8, as it gives them a lot more wriggle room.

By, the way when the VIs report March/April then there's going to be a lot of p!ssed of bears on here as I think the % increases are going to be quite high.

Here's to a better Britian, vote BNP.

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One year from now we will still be in the early stages of the downturn.

There will be VIs saying prices are down a bit but only a few % the worst is over its just a bumpier landing than hoped and did you know prices are still up compared to 10 years ago!

There will still be some young impatient bears "Its still not crashed enough you told us it would DrBubb et all, if it doesnt crash in the next 2 weeks im goin cry and stamp my feet so youd better make it happen now boo hoo :lol::lol::lol:

There will be less overall interest as many will be burnt out and other economic factors will begin to become more important. Unemployment and unmanagable debts could cause major economic problems

All in IMHO of course.

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Repos up

Bankruptcies up

Oil prices up

Mortgage arrears up

Crime up

Utility bills up

Pay down :(

MEW down

Retail sales down

Property sales down

Ortgages down

Credit down

and most importantly, London house prices 5%-7% down in nominal terms, but picking up speed.

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As demand continues to rise and supply continues to fall the price will continue its upward trend.

In the long run, yes: but there's a lot of speculative money in oil right now. I won't be at all surprised to see it hit $50 before it hits $100, particularly if rising interest rates lead to a global recession.

After all, much of the supposed demand for oil is fuelled by the credit bubble and will vanish with the credit that pays for it.

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