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Ft Is Not As Convinced As Hpcers

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"The global rise in 10-year and longer-dated government bond yields since the beginning of the year, especially in the US, appears to mark a decisive break from years in which the long end of the yield curve did not react to the Fed’s campaign of rate rises – the “conundrum” identified by Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

But some analysts say the shift may be close to running its course. “The market is getting into interesting territory,” said David Ader, US government bond strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital, adding that next week could be critical. Traders are expected back in force to digest data on inflation and new housing activity in March and the minutes of the last Fed rate-setting meeting."

Just thought I'd mention it.

Given the theological thrust of HPC.co.uk over the last few days, I would implore believers to pray that these macroeconomic forces much flagged here do indeed yield the desired IR rise and hence HPC. On the other hand, I read in the paper the other day that a study in the States showed that cancer patients in a controlled test who were prayed for by strangers were more likely to die than those who were not. If forced, I will dredge up the link.

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I'm not quite sure how ft.com can see a massive breakout in TNX as anything other than a very bullish signal for long-term rates. People are dumping US treasurys in droves at the moment.

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Firstly, I can confirm the cancer story. Praying leads to increased levels of death. Religion is bad for you and is more lethal than a crack habit. Fact.

Secondly, rates (ECB/BoE/Fed) will not rise as fast as is being touted by the people who tout.

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Guest muttley

Religion is bad for you and is more lethal than a crack habit. Fact.

Rather a sweeping statement, don't you think?

I suppose you are using the assumption that more people have died in the name of religion than from crack cocaine addiction.

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