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Nationwide Chart On Front Page

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I have noticed that the Nationwide chart on the front page hasn't been updated to include Q1 2006.

I recall someone saying the (web-master?) had been away on holiday, which maybe explains it?

I clicked on the chart and was able to access the Nationwides quartely figures and noticed that prices for Q1 2006 were £160,319 compared to £157,387 for Q4 2005.

Maybe no-one wants to update the chart for fear of upsetting/depressing everyone as it hasn't turned into the "head and shoulders" or "double top" pattern we were hoping for, which would indicate the "top" - damn :(

Unfortunately, once updated you'll see it shows the trend continuing in an upward direction following its recent pause for breath /sideways movement.

I dread to think what it will look like updated after Q2, as it will probably go up again due to the usual "spring bounce".

Someone posted on an earlier thread today about a book which prophecises a depression around 2010 and it also talks about the housing bubble - how house prices will pause - which they have done - before going up another 15% before it bursts. (So far we have seen 5% in the last 6 months) so another 10% rise to go maybe?

I am wondering what will cause this future 10% rise. Here's a thought...........

It appears that interest rates are on the rise again (e.g Nationwide) and I wonder if this is going to cause another mad panick rush, particularly amongst FTB's and BTL's who will panick into buying over the next few months in order to lock into the current low "affordable" interest rates before they go up, especially if they can lock in for 10 years. They probably won't be fussed too much about price as prices "only ever go up".

This is turning into a nightmare!

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Chill, it's not as bad as you think;


Actually if you look at it closely once it flattens the rate of change is lower than the trend line.

BTW The graph comes from here, and you can find a handy list of all the stats sites I've found so far here.


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