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U K Is About To Run Out Of Resources

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Britain now 'eating the planet'

By Mark Kinver

BBC News science and nature reporter

Consumer societies: Good for business or bad for the planet?
The UK is about to run out of its own natural resources and become dependent on supplies from abroad, a report says.
A study by the New Economics Foundation (Nef) and the Open University says 16 April is the day when the nation goes into "ecological debt" this year.
It warns if annual global consumption levels matched the UK's, it would take 3.1 Earths to meet the demand.
Nef policy director Andrew Simms says this year's debt day shows that the
UK's growing demand for goods and services is having an impact on the rest of the world.
In 2004, the UK lost its energy independent status when it became a net importer of gas following lower returns from the North Sea fields.

With VIs lowering borrowing requirements to keep HPI and MEW rolling for awhile longer that means even more demand for Tat and imported oil to fill the SUV craze. Gordon's "Miracle Economy" based on borrowing and spending against notional house values has already reached fever pitch now its time to pay it all back as reality rises from the East.

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its all gone pete tong.

peaple jetting over our heads on important life saving skiing holidays. or breaks to thailand.

back to uk and a large 4x4. en suite mass flushing and a tv in every room. gas left on.

and then they hassle me if my dog does a poop in a bush in a park.

they scorn if you dont buy long lasting light bulbs. and scowl at anyone who does not pointlessly save cans.

stop making things in cans then.

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If we in the UK cannot see why some of the poorer nations are so p****d off with the greedy Western Countrys, the USA being worse than us, we are just going to sleep walk into trouble.

We really want to wake up and except that we are really the bad guys here.


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