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Quiet Death Of Democracy

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I posted a link to this article on another thread, then I found out the link had broken. Since finding a more reliable link to the article, I decided as its content impacted on our freedoms like never before, I felt it merited a thread of its own. The article is hosted on an excellent website for those interested in world politics called ZNet

Here is a link to the John Pilger article Quiet Death Of Democracy

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First rate and most readable article.

My personal view is that Tony Blair's days as PM are numbered, as I doubt very much that Des Smith will give a "no comment" interview to the Police.

This is the tip of the iceberg and the P.M. will not have a happy easter.

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For another good article see 'Blair's inner circle and its ferocious grab for power':


Piece by piece, month by month, Tony Blair's administration is removing the safeguards that protect all of us from the whims of a government and the intrusions of a powerful state. It is engaged in a ferocious power-grab. Yet this story has not seized the imagination of the media or the public. In our failure to respond, the government must be reading a tacit acceptance that it can do what it chooses, because we either don't notice or don't care.


The perverse fact is that we are being asked to place great trust in a government that makes a point of distrusting everyone outside its inner circle. If we don't share their assumption that they alone know what is best for the rest of us, we had better start protesting now. Last year Blair promised to listen to us. As he dismantles our defences, what he is hearing is something close to silence.

Also see the comments under 'Can anything be done?':


The response to the issue I wrote about again this week -- the hi-jacking of our democracy by Tony Blair's government -- proves that there is a huge well of concern about the direction the government is taking us in. In addition to the long and thoughtful exchanges on this blog, I've had more than 150 emails. What comes through so strikingly in the messages I've had is people's sense of despairing impotence. Two thirds of them want to know how their voices can be heard. Many of them say that they are prepared to take action on this issue - writing or protesting or organising - in a way they have never done before, but they want to know whether anything they do has a chance of being effective.

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Those who fail to hear these steps on the road to dictatorship should look at the government's plans for ID cards, described in its manifesto as "voluntary". They will be compulsory and worse. An ID card will be different from a driving licence or passport. It will be connected to a database called the NIR (National Identity Register), where your personal details will be stored. These will include your fingerprints, a scan of your iris, your residence status and unlimited other details about your life. If you fail to keep an appointment to be photographed and fingerprinted, you can be fined up to £2,500.

I don't like immigrants coming to the UK as cheap labour but this is not about stoping them it's about controling you

Revolt is the only way forward i say and lets take them big fat MP's pensions back

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