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Robert Neuman's History Of Oil

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They talk about peak oil at about 10 minute from the end...

Someone record this ?

10pm - 11pm

This is a must watch for people on this board! If you're not there - do it now!

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For what it's worth, I thought that programme was great. Nothing like a deadly serious message wrapped up in witty banter by an intellectual comedian. People laugh... but you can see it's going in...

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Saturday, 15 Apr 2006 - More4

11:15 PM - 0:15 AM (1 Hour)

More4History programme presented as a stand-up act with satirical impersonations and archive sequences, which identifies oil as the cause of all the turmoil in war and politics

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I’m not saying you guys are wrong about peak Oil but bigger forces are at play here

If I owned a lot of gold I would like to make people think the world only had a small amount so that the price of my holding would go up.

Strange we get peak oil at the same time that terrorists are apparently blowing up pipelines. Could be GW-Bush is sponsoring groups to blow the lines up so that his vast oil wealth increases and the world is force to hold more worthless USD$, after all he killed 1000’s when the twin towers were imploded so I wouldn’t put it past him and the thugs running the united states.

Do you trust this man


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