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Some Questions About 7/7

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35 years of IRA attacks against the UK and we still can't find the perpetrators.

The 7/7 assailants were know within 24hrs.

Why were Visor Consultants running an exercise simulating just such events at the three stations involved on the day of the 'attacks'

5/7- Government announces withdrawal of troops from Iraq

6/7 -London wins Olympics bid.

7/7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Attention drawn away fro G8 summit, deferring discussions on poverty and global warming.

This video addresses these questions and others during the second half.


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Conspiricy theories.

Make the most of the internet while you can! Never before in history has so much information/misinformation been available to so many people so speedily.

Questions are being asked by so many people, regarding previously unquestioned historical events!

I was never taught in school about the Spanish sale of the Phillipines to the US after the Spanish American war.

Come to think of it I wasn't aware of a Spanish American War.

The US invaded/occupied the Philipines from Feb 1899.

American torture and scorched-earth campaigns

General Jacob H. Smith's infamous order, "Kill everyone over ten," was the caption in the New York Journal cartoon on May 5, 1902. The Old Glory draped an American shield on which a vulture replaced the bald eagle. Caption is: "Criminals because they were born ten years before we took the Philippines." In fact no children were executed and the general was courtmartialed,

In 1908, Manuel Arellano Remondo, in a book entitled General Geography of the Philippine Islands, wrote: "The population decreased due to the wars, in the five-year period from 1895 to 1900, since, at the start of the first insurrection, the population was estimated at 9,000,000, and at present (1908), the inhabitants of the Archipelago do not exceed 8,000,000 in number.

At present the information/misinformation is not even a pinprick to the establishment, but eventualy if enough people ask enough questions, well who knows?

Another Conspiricy Theory! Make up your own mind.

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The July 7th London Bombings

The official version concerning the guilt of those behind the London bombings of July 7th should be regarded with deep suspicion; the political context of the explosions, the obvious foreknowledge and cover-ups of British intelligence and other aspects of this story indicate a clear government agenda behind the events. A striking similarity between George W. Bush's response to 9/11 and Tony Blair's to July 7th is their mysterious refusals to hold independent investigations.
We must be concerned about the events of July 7th because of the political use that is being made of it. While the physical damage was not comparable with 9/11, the July 7th events have had more profound implications for civil liberties. The lack of verifiable evidence as of Feb. 2006 for virtually every police claim for the July 7th events is disturbing. The credibility gap is not being challenged; UK journalists claim that the press does not want to publish articles that question the official story.

Full Article

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