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Bird Flu Pandemic ‘misleading' ......

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Sir David added that he was fairly optimistic that bird flu was not present in wild birds (in UK).

Looks like our SIR, Kiss Ass, Gov can get me to say anything Davis was wrong and he's a lone voice if he thinks it can not mutate, hell it even kills cats.

Flu kills more people than wars and as the world becomes more populated the chances of nature or man culling the population increases.

GW-Bush has shares in Tamiflu so that will make you sleep well at night.

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Well no they are not all in on it as they can not order the destruction of the twin towers or control bio labs producing weapons of war.

See your history and learn how the west used small pox to kill most American Indians and then work out how kerosene can melt 4” thick steel and a building 110 floors high can come down on it’s footprint without the uses of controlled explosives.

Both you and I know Bush is evil and evil men are capable of most things and if mass death can fill there pockets and make more room on the earth for them and their kind then don’t be so surprised.

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